Själö – Island of Souls


Själö, the Island of Souls, has captured the destiny of countless women over hundreds of years. When the filmmaker begins to listen to the winds and spirits, hidden memories become visible.

Feature documentary
78 min

Festivals so far:
CPH:DOX 2020, Special mention

Director: Lotta Petronella

For centuries, a closed institution served as a final destination for socially transgressive women at Själö, an isolated island in the Baltic Sea. The outcast women were kept there in detention to be observed, studied and measured – in much the same way as the scientists now focus on the surrounding nature at the research center the place has been converted to. While a young scientist is collecting samples on the island, the past emerges in the whispers of the unsent letters and empty rooms of the hospital. The space fills up with hidden memories as the invisible archives become alive. Whose stories are remembered and whose are forgotten?  


Director: Lotta Petronella
Screenwriters: Lotta Petronella, Seppo Parkkinen
Producers: Ilona Tolmunen, Ulla Simonen, Johanna Tarvainen
DOP: Kerttu Hakkarainen
Editors: Matti Näränen, Lotta Petronella
Sound designer: Janne Laine
Music: Lau Nau
Stills: Maija Savolainen

With the support of the Creative Europe Programme - MEDIA of the European Union



Bitter Love

Bitter Love

On a three-week cruise on the river Volga, passengers are looking for an escape from their lives, looking for change – and love.

Feature documentary
86 min
Premier: CPH:DOX 2020

Director: Jerzy Sladkowski

On a three-week cruise on the river Volga, passengers are looking for an escape from their lives, looking for change – and love. Everyone boards the ship carrying a hope. Inside the ship, the intimacy of the encounters takes viewers of the film on their own emotional journey, into the rivers of two universal human feelings: loneliness and undying hope.


Director: Jerzy Sladkowski
Photography: Wojciech Staron
Editing: Jakub Sladkowski
Sound recordist: Shamil Ismailov
Gaffer: Viatseslav Tsekin
Producer: Antonio Russo Merenda
Co-Producers: Ulla Simonen, Ilona Tolmunen, Lucyna Kowalska, Dariusz Kowalski
Original Music: Timo Hietala
Sound design: Janne Laine



Love Child

Love Child

They have escaped death, but where do they have a future?

Feature documentary

Director: Eva Mulvad

It is winter in Istanbul. A plane from Teheran has just landed. A couple, Leila and Sahand, have succeeded in fleeing Iran with their four-year-old son, Mani, without being arrested. In Iran, they committed a crime. Leila and Sahand had a secret love affair while being married to other people, and in Iran, they were not allowed to get divorced. Neither could they tell their son that he was an illegitimate child since adultery can be punished with the death penalty in Iran. So, up till the escape, Mani had only known his biological father as "uncle".

DOP: Lea Glob, Esben Grage, Eva Mulvad, Morten Ranmar, Meryem Yavuz
Sound designer: Heikki Kossi

Sigrid Jonsson Dyekjær, Pernille Rose Gronkjaer, Henrik Grunnet, Mikala Krogh, Eva Mulvad, Ilona Tolmunen, Ulla Simonen

Danish Documentary (DK)
Made (FIN)
Grunnet Film (DK)

Autlook Filmsales GmbH