Säälistäjät - Mercy all the way

“They had to give out sex to outcast young men in order to prevent future school shootings”

Short Film / 30 min

Director: Hannaleena Hauru
2015 / Theatrical release: 2015 in Finland.

An absurd byproduct of mass murders perpetrated in Finland over the last several years has been public discussion where lack of female companionship (in the carnal sense) was named as a potential prime catalyst and responsibility for the murders placed squarely on young women. Mercy All the Way takes a satirical hammer to this discussion. The movie’s black humor makes you laugh out loud, but at times the humor will just make you choke.

In the movie some older women working at the employment office have started to covertly offer pity sex to young men who seem to be under threat of becoming marginalized in order to prevent any future mass murders. Everything’s going swimmingly and some younger reserves have been recruited, too. When middle-aged Mirja, who is very dedicated to her job, is given the pleasant-smelling but slothful Marko as a client, events take a surprising turn and chaos ensues.

Kuopion Vilimit -elokuvafestivaali, 3. lokakuuta 2015
Rakkautta&Anarkiaa, Helsinki International Film Festival, Fri 25 September 2015
Nordisk Panorama, 18-23 September 2015, Malmö, Sweden
Shnit International Short Film Festival, 7-18 October, Bangkok, Bern, Buenos Aires, Cairo, Cape Town, Kyoto, Moscow, New York and San José
Brest European Short Film Festival, 10-15 November 2015, Brest, France.
Blue Sea Film Festival, Sun 23 August 2015, Rauma, Finland
Artova Film Festival, 5 September 2015, Helsinki, Finland
Guanajuato International Film Festival, 20-24 July 2015, Guanajuato, Mexico.
FEST – New Directors | New Films Festival, Espinho, Portugal, 22-29 June 2015
Midnight Sun Film Festival, Sodankylä, Finland, 10-14 June 2015
Brussels Short Film Festival, 23 April – 3 May 2015, International Competition, Belgium.Programme: International 2
Tampere Film Festival, Finland, 4-8 March 2015, special prize
Brussels Short Film Festival 2015
Midnight Sun Film Festival 2015

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